Financial Advice

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Financial advice can, and often is, complicated even though it might be a simple concept on the surface. Every person has a different scenario - different incomes, different personal balance sheets, a different family structure and different goals. This is why we treat each of our clients uniquely.

Financial advice can look at particular events, like receiving an inheritance, being made redundant, having a new family member or retiring. Also financial advice can be comprehensive and take all areas into consideration, whether there is an event or not. We look at 6 main advice areas -investment, tax, superannuation, estate planning, insurance and debt.

What you will find is that these main areas are all linked together. If you make an investment decision, this will have a taxation consequence. If you are making a change in superannuation, this may well have an investment, taxation and estate planning consequence. Your financial decisions will most likely have different consequences, even if you are not aware of them. This is why it is important to get advice.

Good financial advice will provide you the detail about your current position, your goals for the future, the recommended strategies to get there and the outcomes of any financial advice.

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