Planning in itself is not a new concept. Planning is involved in so many things that we do - like building a house, going on a holiday or having a 40th birthday party.

We specialise in Financial Planning. We assist people to take stock at where they are now with regards to their financial life. We discuss where they ultimately see themselves and the things they want to achieve along the way. Importantly we look that the financial implications. Then we work together to build the 'plan' or strategy to fill in the gaps in between.

We meet so many people that say 'Oh, I should have started planning earlier'. We should have all started earlier, the second best time is now.

When it comes to your finances, there is a lot to consider and it is all integrated. Some of the areas you need to consider include investments, superannuation, taxation, estate planning, insurance and debt. We focus on helping our clients in these areas, so our clients can focus on the other aspects in their life. They can be confident knowing that someone is assisting them with their financial journey

Why Chesterfields Financial Services is unique………

At Chesterfields Financial Services we care about our client’s knowledge and their confidence around money.  We take a genuine interest in our client’s lives, and the financial aspects of their life. We work with them on their goals and dreams and assist them to ensure these are fulfilled. We have a friendly team that is always available and no problem or question is too small for us to help with. We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and our ability to know what strategies and solutions best suit our clients. We keep up to date and as legislation, investment markets or our clients situation changes we can optimise the current situation.

What we offer

At Chesterfields Financial Services we can provide advice on many different areas. Often these areas of advice overlap each other so it is important to look at financial planning in a holistic manner. The areas we provide advice on are as follows:

  • Debt Management and Reduction
  • Wealth Accumulation and Gearing
  • Superannuation Accumulation and Retirement
  • Personal and Business Insurance Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Investment services
  • Aged Care and Centrelink support
  • Tax minimisation
How we work

Typically our first meeting with you will be an exploratory meeting. We will tell you some information about us, our service, our qualifications and background. We will then learn about you. Your current financial situation, your concerns and your goals. From this we should be able to point out some strategies that might be suitable to you. We will then describe our services to you, the fees involved and the next steps.

If we both choose to move forward from this meeting we would prepare an advice document. From here we can assist with the implementation of any recommendations. Importantly, financial planning is not a set and forget strategy. There is one constant in life, change. Our ongoing service includes regular reports, an annual review meeting, monthly enewsletters and access to our online Financial Knowledge Centre.

If you have a question or would like some more information, please feel free to complete the details below and we will be in touch.

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